“Main peeta nahin par peene pe bhi likhta hoon..
main aashiq nahin par pyar bahuton se main karta hoon.”

Daman Pal Singh Dang

Just trying my hand on poetry although I am not a born poet. Feels good whenever I like something that I wrote even if its only me who likes it… kuch to talent wali cheez hai humme bhi 🙂

The lucky day: 23rd Nov
Location: USA
Home Town: Ludhiana, India

Till date almost everybody who read my work has asked me if I had a Girlfriend and when I say “No.. never”, they don’t believe me.. seems like it is a license for poetry. Is that the only relation thinking about which somebody can write down his feelings?? There may be many special people in your life who care for you and at the same time, people you cared for who might have hurt your feelings real bad. This work is dedicated to all such people in my life.

Copyright: If you would like to use any part of my work, you can do it as long as you don’t do it commercially and if you give me credit for that.. link to the original post will do and also post the information regarding where you are using it in the comment section of that particular post. Thank You.


4 Responses to “A little about myself..”

  1. Heeren Says:

    hey v also share the same bday dear

    i am 23-11-1986

  2. Tosha Says:

    Jo dil se niklae shabd nazam ban jaye … wohi to kala hai 😀

  3. amit Says:

    hi, juth bola aapne ki main not a born poet, aare bhai khuda bhi kabhi kisi bande ko kuch deta hai kuch aap jaise log us tlant ko samaj lete hai or kuch ham jaise budhu nahi samj pate, ok lage raho munna bhai, lae raho0000000000000

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